Our Instructors

Jason Loesch – HB Fitness Owner

Hell Bent Fitness Edited-22Certifications:  NASM Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) & Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES)

Jason is co-owner of HB Fitness and lead instructor.  He conducts many of the class offerings, as well as semi-private training, weight loss specialty groups, and youth sports training.  He brings a wealth of knowledge paired with an approachable charisma that will push you without being pushed around!

Jason is a former college athlete who found his true passion as a fitness professional, after years spent in the accounting and finance industry.  Working with individuals and small groups to achieve a higher level of health and fitness fuels him each day.

Jason believes until you find the fire to overcome the challenges put before you, growth is not possible.  For further information on working with Jason on an individualized program, please see our Semi-Private Training and Personal Training pages.


Jill Loesch – HB Fitness Owner

Hell Bent Fitness Edited-21Certifications:  FitFam Coach; Turbokick® Instructor

Jill is co-owner of HB Fitness.  Jill’s fitness journey is one that many women and busy moms can relate to.  Although active in dance during her youth, an active lifestyle fell to the wayside as demands of teaching and then children became a higher priority than her own health.  She knows firsthand the struggles of gaining and losing weight.  After many years of rollercoaster quick fixes in health, Jill used her life coach training to redefine self-care, which has benefitted her whole family.

Jill has used her experience as an elementary teacher to create unique class offerings for families and children at Hell Bent Fitness.   In addition, she draws on her specialized training in dance and Turbokick® instruction to develop options for all clients to make health and fitness FUN!


Tara Davenport


Certifications:  AFAA Group Fitness, R.I.P.P.E.D Instructor, TRX Group Suspension Training, NASM Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)

Tara rediscovered her inner athlete when she decided to invest time and money in a gym membership. Group fitness classes in particular brought back the intense training, challenge, joy and teamwork she remembered from the glory days of Bruce Springsteen’s 80’s hit.

While staying home full time, she kept fairly fit playing volleyball and kickball, chasing after her kids and pulling them around town in the bike trailer. After 15 years at home and five years at the gym, she decided to re-enter the workforce with a career change as a group fitness instructor.

She believes in balance and thinks working out as a team brings the work hard/play hard motto to life. She hopes you’ll find challenge, motivation and fun while playing together too. She views classes as an opportunity to build community, inspire one another and bring a healthy balance to our lives.

In addition to conducting group fitness classes, Tara earned her Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) certification in 2016 and is now working with clients to develop personalized training programs.  For further information on personal training options, please see our Semi-Private Training and Personal Training pages.


Kristin Trudeau

Certifications:  200-hour power yoga instructor

Kristin credits joining HB Fitness in changing her life and trajectory. She was a long-time runner since high school and in the past several years has participated in 10-mile and half marathon races. Her corporate job eventually became all-consuming and regular exercise was replaced with 14-hour work days and a lot of stress.

In summer 2016 she decided to transition to part-time and pursue her dream of owning her own online dog boutique. She and her husband realized they needed to change their eating and exercise habits and became members of HB Fitness after their son raved about the Washburn baseball winter training in which he participated.

A new positive mind frame and lifestyle quickly evolved as they found themselves among members of their community who wanted the same things out of life – it felt like home. This momentum gave Kristin the idea to turn to an old love of yoga and become a yoga instructor. Some of her best memories are of doing yoga with her young kids (now teenagers!) in the living room. She hopes to bring the power and benefits of yoga to families, student athletes and to those who may feel “I’m not flexible enough to do yoga.” She believes practicing yoga should be fun and accessible and can lead to a healthy life-long passion!


Pat Kaehler

Pat attended Augsburg University where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degrees in Business Management and Exercise Science. At Augsburg, he was a member of the baseball team. Pat grew up in White Bear Lake where he has been a baseball instructor for 5 years. He has been a youth fitness instructor for 1 year and has trained student athletes ranging from 8-18 years of age. He has trained a variety of young athletes such as hockey, baseball, soccer, volleyball, and tennis players. Pat strives to help student athletes get better every day while providing a fun working atmosphere by constructing innovative instructing approaches. His infectious mentality and leadership ability help instill transferable skills that young athletes take with them beyond athletics.