About HB Fitness

What does HB Fitness stand for?

At HB Fitness our mission is to help busy people lead healthy lives!

HB=Hell Bent!  Being Hell Bent carries a certain attitude!  Jason and Jill Loesch are seeking people and families that are sick and tired of being sick and tired.  There comes a time when changes are in order and when that occurs for people, there really is NOTHING that will stop them!  That is what being Hell Bent is all about.

We are more than just a space to come and get your sweat on! We will challenge you to move through what is holding you back and keep you on track for where you want to go!  Come get Hell Bent with us through a variety of fun, energizing fitness classes!

We are a family-friendly fitness studio

We believe in taking the time to educate the entire family about what healthy living looks like and how to build it into daily life TOGETHER!  We offer youth-focused classes and special events throughout the year tailored to this philosophy.

A family that works out together, stays fit together!