Policy

Signing in/out

Our clients time and results are very important to us.  In order for us to continue providing quality personal attention to each person attending our classes, it is very important that we know when you’ll be here.  Though our cancellation policy is beneficial for us when planning the classes, it is really in place to serve you, the clients.  One of the big reasons the model we use is successful is the fact that your spot is reserved for you when you sign up.  This guarantees you the close personal attention you have come to expect in the small classes at HB.  Please remember that by reserving your spot and not showing up, has the potential to take away that opportunity for someone who wanted to come, but wasn’t able to get in.

Please review the following sign up and cancellation policy:

Sign In:  The sign in function for any particular class will close out 45 minutes prior to the start of class.  Please know that you may still show up for class, but you risk not having a spot or arriving for a class that has been cancelled.

Cancellations:  When cancelling from a class that you are unable to attend, please do so at least 1 hour prior to the start of class.  Classes that start before 9am should be cancelled the prior night by 10pm.  If cancelling outside of these times or not showing up, you will lose either one visit from your class pass or 1 day from your unlimited pass.