Semi-Private Training

High level training at a fraction of the cost

What is semi-private training?  High level training at a fraction of the cost that gets results!  Clients are put into groups of 4 or less that train together 2 times per week.  The days that your group meets, you will be following a customized weightlifting program designed after your initial assessment.  In addition to the scheduled sessions, you will receive a steep discount on an unlimited class pass that allows the you to round out the rest of your training in one of our group classes that will provide cardio, core, and flexibility training that’s important to a well designed program.  Other components of the program include measurements, progress photos, nutritional guidance, workout binder, group accountability, email support and other HB Fitness discounts!

How does this get results and why is it so cost effective.  In order to get results most clients are looking for, it is necessary to train up to 6 days a week.  Most people do not have the resources to pay a trainer to be with them 6 days a week, so they must settle for 1-2 days per week.  Even at 1-2 days per week, this is a stretch for most people financially and most of the week is still the responsibility of the client when it comes to getting a quality workout in.  The end result in many of these situations is frustration and stagnant progress.  Semi-private training gives you all the benefits of working with a personal trainer at a drastically reduced price!

Program cost for every 4 week session (requires 8 week commitment to begin):

$160 – 1 Day/week

$300 – 2 Days/week

$400 – 3 Days/week

Current groups with available time slots (45- 60 minute sessions):

Tuesday/Thursday @ 8:30am, 9:30am

Monday/Wednesday/Friday @ 6:00am

Saturday @ 9:15am


Start a new group with 2 or more people at the following available times:

Monday/Friday @ 10:45am

Please email if interested.