HB Blueprint

Stay on track with your fitness goals.

“It’s one day…I’ll start tomorrow!”   “I’m too tired to go…”   “I have to clean the house to get ready.”

Have you thought about your blueprint?  Whether or not you come to see us at our studio, or you workout somewhere else, there are always extreme forces that you must fight against that will appear and make you believe you don’t have the time or money to workout…especially during this busy time of year!  Having a plan…a BLUEPRINT…will keep you focused and out of the trap so many fall into.

January is right around the corner…it’s hard to hear this I know, and the fact is it’s coming.  Soon there will be people all across America banging down the doors of fitness studios and gyms everywhere in an attempt to ‘get healthy’.  I remember what it was like fighting for a parking spot in January at my big box gym.  All those people…goals…I wonder, how many of those people had a blueprint to achieve those goals?  How many people put a system into place to make sure this was the January that was finally going to turn into  a year of health versus a month?  Why wait until January?  Get started now and then keep the momentum going when 2014 hits!  We’re here for you!

HB BLUEPRINT will guide you through a successful holiday season by providing the following tools from Nov 8 – December 30:

– Weekly workout plan template
– Gratitude journal
– Weekly check-ins on how your plan is going
– Closed Facebook group to keep accountable

– Winter HB hat to be received at the end of the month

Cost: $30

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