See what clients are saying about HB Fitness


For HB owners, Jason and Jill, working out is just one aspect of the healthy-living ratio. Diet, lifestyle, family…they all play a role in it, and Jason and Jill give us the opportunity to incorporate the other aspects into our lives through their programs (Kids Night Out, FitFam). They truly want to help their clients live a rounded, healthy life.


I was looking for a different type of workout.  I like to run and bike, but I find myself doing little for my overall muscle strength.  HB Fitness provides the perfect balance.  The workouts vary and are always challenging.  Jason’s attention to form and constant encouragement are great – especially on those days where you may not quite feel like giving it 100%.  I love the exhilaration I get from each workout.


I switched from a gym and personal trainer to HB Fitness and could not be happier. No more dragging myself to a workout. Now I go, enjoy every class, and crave a workout when I can’t make it in!


With a busy work schedule and a toddler at home, I was in need of a gym that offered early morning classes in a convenient location. After trying out several other gyms and classes, I came across Hell Bent and was immediately hooked! The location is great, the class times are plentiful, Jason and Jill are doing a great job running a locally owned business, and I love their commitment to family fitness.


HB’s HIIT class provides motivation in an encouraging environment. The workouts are challenging and full of new exercises, but not intimidating. The instructors are knowledgeable and approachable.


HB Fitness is the best thing to happen to my workout routine in years! Since becoming a mom I’ve always struggled with maintaining a strength training program but HB has put me back on track. I love the variety of classes, the personalized attention and motivation Jason provides, and the energizing music at the studio.


There is always something new and interesting to experience in an HB Fitness class.


The convenient class schedule and community is what drew me to HB Fitness. Jason has cultivated a community of friendly and encouraging people who enjoy being together while personally pushing themselves to a new level. Instead of feeling self-conscience about my weakness I have been motivated to just dive in and start working. The atmosphere is positive, the music is great and the fast-paced workout is never the same.