Summer Sculpt

Get in shape for your everyday body!

Jill BoxMany people talk about getting in shape for summer.  Yeah, I get it…but WHAT IF you DECIDED to build your body into your EVERYDAY body?  WHAT IF you DECIDED to work hard all year round so that when any season or situation is here, you are ready for it?   This is your year!

Well, I DECIDED to split the summer into 3 different 4 week programs for all my ladies out there that have DECIDED that health does not take the summer off!  I took too many summers (and other seasons for that matter) off and that took its toll and I paid a price for it!  I finally DECIDED to transform my ‘quick-fix’ body into my everyday body.  You can read a little about that here.

Jill created this program exclusively for you!
1.Ladies only…support each other and be part of the Summer Sculpt HB Team
2.Accountability to yourself and from the group.
3.Bikini Competitor and fitness model Jill to lead you through weight bearing exercises, time management techniques, and nutrition guidance.

Check out what you’ll get to blast your booty into shape:
-Monday: group weight training (UPPER BODY)
-Wednesday: group weight training (LOWER BODY)
-Friday or Saturday Training: Cardio and Core Training
-Nutrition guidelines and recipes for maximum results
-Weekly Check-ins via email
-50% Discount on summer monthly challenges
-15% Discount on all HB Fitness Apparel
-Individual binders with workouts and reflection pieces

CURRENTLY ENROLLING FOR JUNE ONLY(see July and August dates below)

SESSION DATES:  June 3-28th

Monday and Wednesday AM
6:45-7:30 AM
*You choose on a week to week basis for either Friday Cardio and Core at 6:45 AM OR Saturday at 9:15 AM

Sign-up HERE for the AM group

Monday and Wednesday PM
6:15-7:00 PM
*You choose on a week to week basis for either Friday Cardio and Core at 6:45 AM OR Saturday at 9:15 AM

Sign up HERE for the PM group

$249.00, Enroll here

Refer a NEW client that commits to the program, your name goes in a drawing for a $30 gift certificate!

*July Dates: July 8-Aug. 2

*August Dates: Aug. 5- Aug. 30

“A year from now you will wish you had started today!”

I’ll see you in the studio!