Studio Etiquette

Great Experience Every Time

HB Fitness is determined to stand out as a fitness studio that offers top results, high quality workouts, and an always welcoming atmosphere that is clean and safe.

As the weather tends to swing on a seemingly daily basis here in Minnesota, we are reminded of the many items that tend to get tracked into our studio when the outside environment gets a little messier.  Please follow the following suggestions for helping keep HB Fitness a safe and clean place to get the best workouts in town.


  • Change of shoes – Wearing your workout shoes outside not only drags in not so pleasant items at times, it also wears down the shoes you should be relying on to keep your feet and legs in proper working order.  Please change into your workout shoes upon arriving inside the studio.
  • Use the basement storage area –  Space in the upstairs studio is at a premium and we like to keep the area as clutter free as possible.  Keeping our workouts fast and efficient is important and having to shuffle extra clothing and footwear around the room takes up valuable time and space.  We will have a small storage area upstairs for valuables you are not comfortable leaving unattended.
  • Bring water – Hydration is very important during rigorous exercise.  You are encouraged to bring your own water bottle.  Any refills will need to be done in the basement bathroom.  If you forget a water bottle, we have bottled water for sale @ $1/bottle.
  • Bring a sweat towel – Our workouts can get pretty intense and sweating is a sure bet.  Please bring your own sweat towel or purchase one of our HB Fitness sweat towels that we have for sale.  The white towels in the studio are intended for drying hands in the bathroom and wiping down mats after sanitizing.