Monthly Challenge: 300 yd shuttle run

November: 300 yd shuttle run

Sign-up any time in November to participate!

The challenge is simple, but it will test your ability to maintain high intensity for 1-2 minutes.  To practice this challenge, you will set up 2 markers (cones, shoes, chairs, almost anything works) 15 yards apart.  Starting at the one of the markers, sprint back and forth between each one touching the ground or base of the marker each time.  Repeat for 20 touches and record your time.

To help you practice, each Ladders, Cones, & Drills…Oh, My! class during the month of November will end with a practice run!

Testing will be conducted December 2-7.

The idea with this is to accept the challenge now to prepare vs. getting to the end of the month wondering if you’re prepared.  When we wait for perfection (with anything in life) we miss out on great opportunities along the way!


We will be awarding 3 prizes on testing day based on total entry fees:  1st place 30%, 2nd place 20%, 3rd place 10%

Entry Fee: $10

Children (12 & under)All children will win HB wristbands for completing the challenge on testing day

Entry Fee $5

The more people, the more fun!