There is Freedom in discipline!

I like to define words according to what they mean to me.  Have you ever noticed that we tend to speak the same words as those around us AND even though there may be an Oxford definition, since people all have their own filters of words based on personal experiences, we end up on different pages because of our definitions?

Well, here is what my definitions of FREEDOM and DISCIPLINE were back in 2005.

FREEDOM: the ability to try/do anything, unbound, stress-free, follow my own beat, I decide, “yes”

DISCIPLINE: keeping on task, day-to-day mundane schedules, focused, study, ‘to-do’ lists, ‘no’

I would say that I still define them similarly today.  The change I am having in 2013 is that I am acting on these definitions differently.  In 2005 I weighed 170 pounds, was searching for the quick fixes to give me my freedom, and really floundering.  I tried to deny taking care of ‘boring’ everyday business or taking care of myself.  I became so focused on the results, having variety, not getting stuck doing the same thing day in and day out that it was sucking the life, and freedom, out of me.

I thought that if I kept following my to do lists and being so rigid in my schedules, that I was somehow giving up being free.  As I learned to master more of my fear based filters and became more aware, I realized that following discipline was not giving up anything…I was making a choice.  A choice to take care of what needed my attention, so that I could move on and free up the space in my head, around my home, with my children, and more.  I learned how to make consistent CHOICES that were empowering and holding me accountable for what I really wanted!  I got the focus I wanted instead of trying to figure out how to be ‘free’.

It turns out, choice is the only thing any of us really have control over.  We can’t control the weather…or other people…or the circumstances that life throws us.  We can, however control our response and choice in any given situation.

Many people hit those plateaus in their workouts and healthy lifestyles they have started.  They get to the point they’ve always been before and think, ‘well here it is!  Again, just when I get in a groove, life throws this at me!’ Come on…I’ve been there.  I know this happens.  I also know you have a CHOICE.  A choice to let it consume and stop you…giving you the evidence needed to affirm your deepest fear…that success is not yours for the taking OR A CHOICE to say, NO…I will not accept giving in this time.  A CHOICE to stay consistent and see what you’re made of.  Fear stops us ALL THE TIME and we don’t even know it.  We’re on auto-pilot in a way that stifles our freedom.

Now is the time for you to embrace your daily ‘to-do’s’.  Choose to do them.  Choose to follow through on your workouts.  Choose to continue to move through what holds you back.  In creating your discipline, it will free up space for you to do all the things you never thought you’d have time for!

People think I’m a little crazy (I used to, too) for getting up at 4:00am 6 days a week to get my own workout in.  I CHOOSE this so I can keep to my promise and discipline to building my everyday body.  Although I still have fear based thoughts that show up, I continue to act on my commitment.  My discovery?  That in doing this one act of discipline, I realized that before doing my 4:00am workouts I had many unconscious space being used up in my mind about when I’d get it done…excuses that held me from working out…blah, blah, blah!  Now, I get it done and voila…FREEDOM!

Join us for consistent effort by coming to 3 HIIT sessions a week.  Always leave a day in between for your body to rest.  On those days you can get a little extra vitamin D with an outdoor walk, run, or ride!

Cheers to FREEDOM!

I’ll see you soon…