Family Yoga

Yoga fun and relaxation for the whole family!

We will take a journey from silly to calm using playful and imiginative yoga poses that everyone can do!  Interactive poses allow for parent/kid playful bonding time, while individual poses allow for focus and body awareness.  Yoga is proven to help kids (and parents too!) navigate through life’s challenges with less stress!  Physically yoga is a non-competitive way to enhance strength, posture, flexibility, and coordination!  Emotionally yoga can foster self-esteem, a sense of calmness and awareness of inner self.  Practicing yoga as a family can improve cooperation, communication and compassion!  Yoga brings out the amazing inner light that we all have to offer!

This class is filling up, so pre-register to reserve your spot!

Only $5/person

(Ages 4 and above welcome!  Kids must attend with at least one adult.  Attending adult is responsible for their children throughout class.)