Minding the Mind

How often do we feel overwhelmed by all the thoughts and things inside our minds?  There are times in our lives where hectic and chaos can seem to be in the driver’s seat…with the doors locked…and no way to get out.  Our minds are full of things that fail to serve us and keep us from our true essential nature. The art of mindfulness has proven to be a great healer for me.

Mindfulness: the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something

Mindfulness is something I’ve been practicing…not to be perfect, but to be a habit.  For instance, I am aware of how my inflammation decreases when I reduce my stress.  To reduce my stress I make a conscious choice to create space 2 times a week in the morning to meditate and deep breathe.  This helps me to set my intention to pay attention throughout the day.  During this time I repeat a word or phrase that speaks to me.  This is where I put all my energy and breath as I move through my gentle stretching.  Sometimes I’ll write that intention on a piece of paper to keep as a touchstone throughout the day…what a gift!

I feel like the habit of being mindful, especially when my mind gets full, is the lever to keep me focused on the other habits (working out, eating right, enjoying friends and family, keeping my house clean, learning) that are important to me.   Tuning in to conscious eating…am I hungry or stressed?  Am I tired or would a workout increase my energy?

I also know that being aware takes time.  This is why I’ve given myself permission to focus on the quality of my intentions and habits, not the quantity.  Even if I take only 10 minutes in the morning, this small act keeps me grounded during other times in the day.  I can look to my touchstone word or phrase (I am enough) and it re-centers me into awareness and making the choices I want to. Feeling successful is key!

In a nutshell, energy flows where attention goes.  If we don’t like the energy in our life then it’s time to adjust where  our attention and minds are at.  Each of us is responsible for minding our own minds!