Summer Youth Athletic Training

Summer Youth Athletic Training

General Details:

2x per week (duration will be 3 or 4 weeks)

30 minutes of speed training followed by 30 minutes resistance training (sign up will be either speed training, resistance training, or both)

Probable days/times are Tuesdays/Thursdays 9:30-10:30am

Location TBD (potentially King Park)

Ages: 11-15

Cost: $50-$80




My 24 Day Challenge

What were my reasons for doing a 24 Day Challenge using Advocare products?

One of the biggest roadblocks to meeting our health and fitness goals is proper nutrition.  A big piece of this is proper supplementation.  Our bodies need the gaps in our nutrition filled by high quality supplementation.  We do not get everything we need through our food sources.  We would need to have our levels monitored constantly to make sure we were choosing the right foods to meet every daily requirement.  This is just not going to happen.  Our needs are even greater if we are exercising regularly.

I wanted to find a line of products that I could recommend to my clients and know they were getting some of the highest quality and safest products offered.  I also want a product line that is focused on supplementation and not replacement.  Who wants to be slugging down 3 meals a day in liquid form?  Proper nutrition needs to be based in consuming whole foods.

I started my challenge on December 2 and ended December 25.  The plan was easy to follow.  There was a booklet that laid out all 24 days with exactly when to take each of the supplements.  What I really liked was the fact that this was still based in consuming nearly everything through whole foods.  Basically this 24 day plan was exactly the what I had already been following for years.  The biggest difference I noticed once starting on this plan was the immediate increase in my energy levels and how constant they remained throughout the day.  The plan requires you to give up coffee and alcohol.  The alcohol was not a problem for me, but I was very concerned about the coffee.  I love my coffee and that caffeine kick.  Withdrawals were a concern for me.  The substitute for this was Spark.  My concerns were quickly put to rest as Spark has become a staple of my day ever since.  I was amazed at the non-jittery energy and the noticable mental focus I was getting after having a drink…and it is quite tasty!

Now to the results.  Incredible and very telling.  I was not looking for any major weight loss, as I was mostly concerned with adding muscle and increasing my definition.  I ended up dropping about 5 pounds and losing an inch off my waist and hips.  These might not sound like huge numbers, but remember, that was not my goal.  I think the best way to describe the changes are through pictures.  Click the following image to see the changes:








If you are interested in doing your own 24 Day Challenge, please contact us at

You can also check out all of the Advocare products through our online store.  There are products to meet many different types of needs from weight management to in the Trim line to high level athletic and fitness in the Performance line.


By completing the following information, you will begin receiving valuable information about news and events happening at HB Fitness.



Monthly Challenge: 300 yd shuttle run

November: 300 yd shuttle run

Sign-up any time in November to participate!

The challenge is simple, but it will test your ability to maintain high intensity for 1-2 minutes.  To practice this challenge, you will set up 2 markers (cones, shoes, chairs, almost anything works) 15 yards apart.  Starting at the one of the markers, sprint back and forth between each one touching the ground or base of the marker each time.  Repeat for 20 touches and record your time.

To help you practice, each Ladders, Cones, & Drills…Oh, My! class during the month of November will end with a practice run!

Testing will be conducted December 2-7.

The idea with this is to accept the challenge now to prepare vs. getting to the end of the month wondering if you’re prepared.  When we wait for perfection (with anything in life) we miss out on great opportunities along the way!


We will be awarding 3 prizes on testing day based on total entry fees:  1st place 30%, 2nd place 20%, 3rd place 10%

Entry Fee: $10

Children (12 & under)All children will win HB wristbands for completing the challenge on testing day

Entry Fee $5

The more people, the more fun!


Importance of a Plan

Most of us have taken a road trip in our lifetimes.  Some of us more than others, but at some point we have gotten in a car and driven many hours to a particular destination that we had never been to before.  Most times, if not every time, we have had a specific destination in mind.  We picked this destination for some particular reason.  Whether it was for work, visiting friends and family or for a fun family vacation.  Imagine this was a place hundreds or even thousands of miles away.  Would we start this trip out by jumping in the car and begin driving until we found our destination without ever looking at a map?  This would not be a very smart or efficient way of arriving at our destination and there is a very good chance we would never get there.

Why do most of us continue to do this everyday with our own health and fitness goals?  Wait, but isn’t it good enough that I am at least doing something?  Do you know if that something is truly taking you closer to your goals?  Do you know what your goals are?  Would you continue to kill yourself doing hours of cardio on the elliptical or treadmill if I told you this activity was having the opposite effect of what you really want?  Maybe you are totally comfortable with the current state of your health.  Maybe you are totally happy continuing to do the same workouts day after day, week after week to maintain where you are at?    But, is comfortable really where you want to be?    Is there such thing as “maintaining” when it comes to your health?  The answer is no!  Everything in our bodies is in constant motion.  Either you are moving forward or moving backward.

Wait a minute, I have a bad back so I need to be careful or my massage therapist says my muscles are too tight and I shouldn’t make them tighter by lifting weights…WRONG!  Your back probably hurts because your core is weak.  Your muscles are tight because you have a muscle imbalance.  Your body is a complex machine made up of muscles, bones and connective tissue that is designed to work together.  If you have a tight muscle, there is a very good chance that this is the result of a compensation.  The muscle that should be doing the work is not firing appropriately or lacks strength so another muscle designed to assist is taking all of the workload.  What’s your plan to fix this?  I think I’ll just rest it.  How’s that working out for you?  Let me guess, your back still hurts or you still feel tight.  Have a plan!

Personally, my goal is to continue to move forward.  This requires a plan or roadmap to specific goals along the way.

Know your goals.  Have a plan.

If you need help starting your plan, we recommend HB Blueprint!



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What is “HB”

You might be asking, “What is HB?”.  HB = Hell Bent.  Why Hell Bent?  Because attitude determines everything.  Being Hell Bent means dropping the excuses…it means finding a way.  We all have obstacles and forks in the road.  Do you find yourself taking the path of least resistance when faced with a challenge?  Has this created growth in your life or kept you stuck where you are?  Hell Bent means not backing down because something is new or unknown.  Face a fear today and see where it takes you!  We do not advocate being reckless, but we do want you to stretch your current boundries.  Life begins outside your comfort zone.
Carpe Diem!

Lunch Box Chatter

School lunch can be a source of stress for busy families.  The time to prepare.  What to prepare.  Will they even eat it?  Is it properly balanced?

Our family goes through these same struggles.  We decided to make some new items this summer and see if they were lunch box worthy.

Here is one that my kids just gobbled up.  When asked if we could include it for lunch this next school year we got an enthusiastic YES!

We’d like to share it with you:

coconut chia seed recipe   In a bowl with a cover (makes 2 servings):

put 1 cup unsweetened coconut milk (We use Trader Joe’s)

add 2 T dry chia seeds and a dash of stevia (also Trader Joe’s)

Let this sit for 3-4 hours (or overnight) for chia seeds to expand.   Place in an individual sized container and  add          unsweetened cocoa powder and a handfull of fresh or frozen berries.

Make sure your child’s lunch box is insulated and has an ice-pack.  Enjoy!

Check back here on our blog for more Lunch Box Chatter ideas.  We want to help busy families lead healthy lives!

Let us know how your kiddos (and yourself for that matter) feel about this recipe!

HB After School Program Schedule

HB Fitness

After School Program

(Grades 6-8)

Fall Quarter

(Aug. 26-Oct.31)




3:45-4:00  Snack (bring own OR provided if purchased snack add-on)

4:00-4:15  Warm-Up

4:15-4:45  Conditioning Work-TRX/ladders/jumping (daily schedule will be provided)

4:45-5:00  Group Game

5:00-5:15  Homework Time

5:15-5:30  Clean-Up/Parent Pick-Up



*Reminder: We will follow MPS calendar.  There will NOT be after school programing on release days during the Fall Quarter session.


Any questions or concerns, contact Jason at:

612-203-2908 OR

Summer Sculpt

Get in shape for your everyday body!

Jill BoxMany people talk about getting in shape for summer.  Yeah, I get it…but WHAT IF you DECIDED to build your body into your EVERYDAY body?  WHAT IF you DECIDED to work hard all year round so that when any season or situation is here, you are ready for it?   This is your year!

Well, I DECIDED to split the summer into 3 different 4 week programs for all my ladies out there that have DECIDED that health does not take the summer off!  I took too many summers (and other seasons for that matter) off and that took its toll and I paid a price for it!  I finally DECIDED to transform my ‘quick-fix’ body into my everyday body.  You can read a little about that here.

Jill created this program exclusively for you!
1.Ladies only…support each other and be part of the Summer Sculpt HB Team
2.Accountability to yourself and from the group.
3.Bikini Competitor and fitness model Jill to lead you through weight bearing exercises, time management techniques, and nutrition guidance.

Check out what you’ll get to blast your booty into shape:
-Monday: group weight training (UPPER BODY)
-Wednesday: group weight training (LOWER BODY)
-Friday or Saturday Training: Cardio and Core Training
-Nutrition guidelines and recipes for maximum results
-Weekly Check-ins via email
-50% Discount on summer monthly challenges
-15% Discount on all HB Fitness Apparel
-Individual binders with workouts and reflection pieces

CURRENTLY ENROLLING FOR JUNE ONLY(see July and August dates below)

SESSION DATES:  June 3-28th

Monday and Wednesday AM
6:45-7:30 AM
*You choose on a week to week basis for either Friday Cardio and Core at 6:45 AM OR Saturday at 9:15 AM

Sign-up HERE for the AM group

Monday and Wednesday PM
6:15-7:00 PM
*You choose on a week to week basis for either Friday Cardio and Core at 6:45 AM OR Saturday at 9:15 AM

Sign up HERE for the PM group

$249.00, Enroll here

Refer a NEW client that commits to the program, your name goes in a drawing for a $30 gift certificate!

*July Dates: July 8-Aug. 2

*August Dates: Aug. 5- Aug. 30

“A year from now you will wish you had started today!”

I’ll see you in the studio!


Abs are made in the kitchen

Abs are made in the kitchen, and sculpted in the gym!graphics_six_pack_abs_couple

So, you’ve been getting into the studio and rocking on your HIIT classes, BBB groups, TRX, and the like.  We love that and it’s a GREAT piece to the healthy LIFESTYLE puzzle.  It’s only a piece of that puzzle, though.

Now that you’ve established a good exercise routine (and by good we mean at least 3 days of strength/cardio training a week) it’s time to speak about the BIGGEST piece of the healthy lifestyle puzzle: NUTRITION.

Most people like to fool themselves that the act of working out is the hardest to overcome.  We at HB believe that the mental hang-up most people have over food and nutrition happens to be their biggest road block.  You see, many people will eventually get themselves into the gym/studio/outdoors to burn those calories to ‘maintain’, but what are you putting into your body?  What if all of a sudden you had an injury and very little lean muscle (see cardio Vs. Weights blog here) and still ate like your stomach was a waste basket?  What do you think the long term health issues are for eating fatty, highly processed foods? What do you think would happen?

We are so misinformed about what is healthy.  We are so over marketed to ‘buy’ into the emotional connections that the advertisers ‘sell’ us.  Most people actually believe that what the ads tell us are true…why would they lie to us?  Or maybe we do know they are lying, but it gives us that excuse to ‘reward’ ourselves for a hard day at work.  Let’s us give into our fears instead of face them for what they are.

Continue to look for blog posts about nutrition as we push and challenge you to take a closer look at ways you can add to your healthy lifestyle.  We will slowly give you bits and pieces, as with anything new taking baby steps is what will create permanent change.  HB Fitness is about creating a healthy lifestyle for your whole family for a really long time…not just a quick-fix, band-aid solution.  Here’s a first step.  Where is your food coming from?  Take a look at the dirty dozen list below.  These are the foods you’ll want to buy organic as they carry the highest pesticide amounts.  Pesticides mess with our hormones which in turn screws up your metabolism.  The clean list has foods that you can get away with buying conventional, if you want to save some green!

EAT CLEAN TO STAY LEAN…pesticide free is a first step to clean eating!

Dirty Dozen (most Contaminated)

  • Peaches
  • Apples
  • Sweet Bell Peppers
  • Celery
  • Nectarines
  • Strawberries
  • Cherries
  • Pears
  • Grapes
  • Spinach
  • Lettuce
  • Potatoes

Least Contaminated

  • Onions
  • Avocado
  • Sweet Corn (Frozen)
  • Pineapples
  • Mango
  • Asparagus
  • Sweet Peas (Frozen)
  • Kiwi Fruit
  • Bananas
  • Cabbage
  • Broccoli
  • Papaya
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Cantaloupe