Monthly Challenge: Plank

The idea with this is to accept the challenge now to prepare vs. getting to the end of the month wondering if you’re prepared.  When we wait for perfection (with anything in life) we miss out on great opportunities along the way!
Here’s a demo of proper form.
Here’s how it works…you sign up for the challenge here ($10) to join.
1.  We’ll email you a card that helps you track your progress by increasing your time from :30 to 2:30 by May 31.
2. We will have times scheduled on May 31 for you to come into the studio and Jason will time your Plank.  If you make the 2:30, your name goes into a drawing for an HB Fitness tank top.
3.  If you are the person that holds your Plank the longest, you get 50% of the money from the challenge! (so, if 20 people sign up, you get $100)
This is a great way to get your foot into the HB Fitness Family.  If you’ve wanted to check things out, but it just hasn’t worked, here’s that first step!
EVERY NEW person that you refer to sign up, your name goes into the drawing for the tank top…no matter what!
The more people, the more fun!
So, as we said…IT’S ON!  You IN?

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