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Lunch Box Chatter

School lunch can be a source of stress for busy families.  The time to prepare.  What to prepare.  Will they even eat it?  Is it properly balanced?

Our family goes through these same struggles.  We decided to make some new items this summer and see if they were lunch box worthy.

Here is one that my kids just gobbled up.  When asked if we could include it for lunch this next school year we got an enthusiastic YES!

We’d like to share it with you:

coconut chia seed recipe   In a bowl with a cover (makes 2 servings):

put 1 cup unsweetened coconut milk (We use Trader Joe’s)

add 2 T dry chia seeds and a dash of stevia (also Trader Joe’s)

Let this sit for 3-4 hours (or overnight) for chia seeds to expand.   Place in an individual sized container and  add          unsweetened cocoa powder and a handfull of fresh or frozen berries.

Make sure your child’s lunch box is insulated and has an ice-pack.  Enjoy!

Check back here on our blog for more Lunch Box Chatter ideas.  We want to help busy families lead healthy lives!

Let us know how your kiddos (and yourself for that matter) feel about this recipe!